Website that Converts

Course Overview:

If you’ve tried to create your own website or even just the content for your own website then you’ll be familiar with the agony. How should it look? What should be on your homepage? What the hell are you meant to say about yourself? Which images should you choose to display?

Often you become so close to it that you can’t see it anymore and you’ve become all too familiar with 2am meltdowns. Eugh!!!

Well put that behind you. This website course is all you need to create a website that literally has your ideal client drooling over each page and desperate to spend their hard-earned cash with you.

By the end you will:

  • know EXACTLY what to say on each page so that your ideal client is left wondering how on earth you got right into her head
  • understand how to create the best user experience possible
  • know how to create the perfect homepage that grabs your ideal client immediately
  • have the tools and know-how to write a fabulous bio for your ‘about me’ page
  • speak directly to your ideal client’s desires and concerns in your info pages
  • cleverly select the perfect images for your galleries
  • understand how to communicate your pricing so that your ideal client views your service and product as the important investment that it is
  • use the right parts of testimonials skilfully to support your content and leave your ideal client desperate to work with you
  • understand how to use FAQs, email opt-ins and blogs for the win
  • have a detailed plan which you can tackle one step at a time without overwhelm