Profitable Pricing and Irresistible Packages

Course Overview:

This is the one isn’t it? Without a doubt most of the questions we’re asked by professional photographers like yourself are related to PRICING! And no wonder. It’s a nightmare trying to price something you are so emotionally attached to. Not to mention all the other pricing challenges you face.

But we’re going to lay them all out in this course and absolutely crush them one by one. You’re going to come a VERY LONG way and you’re going to feel amazing at the end (with a little sprinkling of healthy fear for good measure).

You’ll learn:

  • How to work out exactly what you need to be charging in order to make a living from your photography
  • How to align your pricing with your ideal client
  • How to believe in and talk confidently about your pricing
  • How to decide what to include on your price list
  • How to ensure you earn the minimum you need from each shoot
  • How to craft clever, profitable packages for your clients
  • How to keep things simple for everyone involved
  • How to calculate an accurate price for your products
  • What to include and say on your website’s pricing page
  • How to raise your prices without raising eyebrows
  • How to deal with pricing if you’re just starting out and don’t have much of a portfolio